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Creatacor Donates Design Services, Labor to Update
 “The Wall That Heals”

Half-scale memorial replica and mobile education center operated by the
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

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Creatacor, Inc., an exhibit design, fabrication and trade show management provider, recently completed a series of updates to "The Wall that Heals,” a mobile version of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.


A program of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF), the half-scale replica of the memorial in Washington, D.C., tours the country from coast-to-coast via a 53-foot trailer which serves as a mobile education center, enabling Americans who haven't made the trek to our nation's capital to experience something remarkable and pay tribute at the same time. In addition to The Wall, the mobile exhibit displays digital photos of service members whose names are on The Wall, along with memorabilia.



Updates included additional graphics and custom-made mounts for 56 artifacts, which share the stories of individual veterans. New exhibits were installed to showcase items representative of those left behind at The Wall in Washington, D.C., in an effort to help visitors better understand the loss family and loved ones felt, as well as the bond which existed between veterans who served together.


“We believe that The Wall is a crucial part of the healing process, both for the loved ones of those who served, and those who weren’t directly touched,” said Tim Tetz, director of outreach for VVMF.


“Not everyone is able to make it to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., but with this exhibit and the help of Creatacor’s work, people are able to see the personalities of the service members who gave their lives, and all of a sudden, it drives it home for them.”


The Wall was in Oneonta, N.Y., May 25 through 29, courtesy of the Friends of Oneonta, headed to Port Byron, N.Y. on June 1, at the request of the Vietnam Veterans Chapter 704, and will make stops in Massachusetts, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin throughout June and July.


“We’re thrilled that the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund asked us to lend a hand once again, and help make this powerful exhibit even more interactive and engaging,” said Will Farmer, Creatacor COO. “Our hope is that these new improvements will ensure that this exhibit can continue to tour and impact communities nationwide.”


This is the second set of updates by the Creatacor team, which provided a multimedia boost during the summer of 2016. As part of a joint effort with VVMF, Creatacor installed three large digital screen monitors to the mobile exhibit, each with a distinct purpose.


Visitors can see “The Wall of Faces” on the first screen, a display which includes photos of service members on The Wall who were born on the current day. On the second screen, visitors can view the “In Memory Honor Roll,” which includes photos of Vietnam veterans from the state of the current tour stop who died as a result of their service after the war ended. The third screen displays “Hometown Heroes On The Wall," which includes photos of service members on The Wall whose hometowns are near the general area of the current tour stop.


“With Creatacor’s awesome updates, we’re able to personalize the experience in every community,” Tetz said. “People are spending 30 to 40 minutes taking everything in, so it has really changed the experience they’re having at The Wall.”


Recent updates were performed at cost, with Creatacor donating labor in order to fit within VVMF’s budget.


Since 1996, “The Wall That Heals” exhibit has visited more than 400 cities, making 32 stops in 2016 alone. The mobile replica Wall is erected in a chevron-shape and made of 24 individual powder-coated aluminum panels. The Wall lists 58,318 U.S. casualties of the Vietnam War.


For additional information on the mobile tour, or to view the current schedule, please visit the VVMF site.


Photos courtesy of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and Creatacor, Inc