Tradeshow and Exhibit Thoughtleaders
"The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge
and the dissemination of truth."

John F. Kennedy

Meet our Thoughtleaders:
An Interview with Trace Cohen
by Gordon Nary

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What prompted you and your partner to create

Weíve always wanted to bring new tech to the PR industry as there hasnít be any innovation in decades for a growing profession that is
adopting new media. We then focused on events as a source for news, as that is where companies announce new products and services
and found a great niche in that industry. Essentially, we want to create the largest searchable database of everything new and going to
different industry events will allow us to do that. BIG IDEA!
What makes unique?


There is no single source online for everything new Ė we create an online publication for our show partners to be thoughtleaders, through
the content we empowered to get published online.

Who are some of the clients who have used   



We currently work with the two biggest shows in the country, among other great show partners:



.     Sweets and Snacks Expo  



Can you provide a case study on how has affected a client's ROI?

We are working on a formal case study to make public but all the ROI for each client is private for now. The ROI though for every show
is different depending on their expectations and show needs; some utilize the platform to generate more content for social, they want
more pageviews or they want to increase revenue. All of which are possible with our platform
What are some of the principal communications challenges in tradeshow and event marketing industry?'

Every event is only a few days, so really just a moment in time when they make a BIG splash during the year. During that time, shows
are great at communicating with their attendees via their out reach initiative. Our goal is to make it more efficient and effective by getting
all their show news online, so people actually know who will be at the show and WHY.
What changes have you noticed in the tradeshow and event marketing industry over the past few years?  

The industry, during a great period of growth right now, is really becoming more open to new tech platforms and experimenting with
new platforms. This is because budgets are increasing, attendees are getting smarter and are using the latest technology,
What new challenges do you foresee affecting the tradeshow and event marketing industry in the next hew years?

Mainly how to adopt all the new technology coming out and providing an unique and seamless experience. There are many great Event
Tech companies right now, with only a few who really run the industry and unfortunately none of the data or inform they collect is public.
Itís a very guarded industry but I see it opening up more in the coming years, so that tech companies AND event organizers can begin to
collaborate and work together
Thank you for a great interview, I always learn so much working with you.