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Make Your Next Conference 24/7/365 Days a Year by Going Digital!

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Conferences and expos generally last a few days and then you have to wait a year for the next one. During that moment in time, thousands of exhibitors, attendees, media and professionals flock to one location to all meet each other to do business and find out whatís new in the industry.  There are generally a few months of ramp up to the show when exhibitors reach out to attendees, pitch the media and set up meetings through the various social networks and apps that are provided by the show.

Unfortunately when the show is over and the dust settles, you have to wait a year for it to happen again. But why canít the show continue the conversation between them? With social media you can!

Many of the shows we work with have hundreds, if not thousands of exhibitors who are announcing even more announcements and news updates. Shows are starting to use social media to build up buzz before they start based on who will exhibit without giving away too much, so that you will attend the show. After the show though, companies will still be making announcements but unfortunately they donít coincide with the show timing always. This is why the show should have their own publication and/or newsroom to support their exhibitors even after the show ends.

Many B2B niche publications are either consolidating or going out of business and this would be either a way to support them with more news to cover or supplement the lack of media coverage. Generally when you think of shows, you think of news releases, which are great but so is though leadership, product specs and information, new hires and industry statistics. There are countless opportunities for shows and their organizing companies or associations to become the main media outlet powered by their memberís news who need a place for it to be read.

This will be for the benefit of everyone involved:

  • Conferences will now be a 24/7/365 news source for their industry and gain a larger digital footprint
  • Companies now have a place with almost guaranteed placement for their news to be discovered, read and shared
  • Industry professional will have a place to find all the news they need to know about
  • Media can now find stories they want to cover in one central location online


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