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Breaking News: Associations and Show Organizers Are the Next Generation Publishers!

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This just inÖ

Associations and show/event organizers have discovered a new and powerful way to create a smarter and more engaged community by publishing the news from their members and show exhibitors online.

In a brilliant move, they are using the news (the #1 customer interest) that is being announced during their show (and year round) to help everyone easily find it under their own branded publications and digital media centers, while sharing it socially for greater reach, visibility and news revenue opportunities. A win-win-win for all!

Weíll have more as this story developsÖ

My expertise is in the tech world, specifically with startups, and helping them with their PR/communications to shape their public story and strengthen their brand perception.

My first company,, taught me about SEO, social media and content marketing for your personal brand, while my second company, iFluencePR, taught me how to execute that message for companies. Now that Iím onto my third company,, I can now apply everything I learned from my previous two companies, and incorporate it into a new industry, conferences and events, that seem a few years behind when it comes to tech and social media. This is not to be construed as a negative. It is actually a positive, as it allows them to see the importance of SEO, social media and content marketing to properly apply these techniques based on their own objectives. Having worked with the largest tech show CES, to the largest candy show in the country, Sweets and Snacks, there is one thing we have found that they all have in common - lots of important news!

Launch.itís goal is to partner with major associations, tradeshows and expos to provide them with a platform to create a central, show branded location online for all of their exhibitor and partner news to be found, shared, discovered and even purchased with Google analytics. What we soon realized was that with all this news under the show brand they were now in the publishing business. BIG IDEA! It just makes sense.

Lets take this to the next level. 

Associations are made-up of members, aka companies within their industry that are a part of this community for a mutually shared interest in the continued growth of their sector. Unfortunately, B2B media in many sectors are hurting, which in turn, means that companies cannot get the in-depth, quality coverage of their news like they used to. Thatís where the associations can now step in Ė they can act as a third party, credible and neutral publishing resource that can house all of the industry news. Why canít the associations that are the backbone of the industry provide curation and syndication of the news that will help everyone stay more informed? The answer is that they absolutely can for lots of reasons!

Letís break down the practical progression of why it makes sense for associations to get into the publishing business:

  1. Associations are generally the largest community of companies and professionals in the industry.
  2. They put on the industry shows every year that brings together companies, media and other interested parties.
  3. What is the #1 reason why people attend shows? To find out whatís new!
  4. B2B media in many industries are struggling to stay afloat, which means less company news gets covered.
  5. So, if shows have all the news and the media isnít there to cover it, where does it go?
  6. Shows can and should become the online resource for all the shows news. Duh, right? Easier said than done, of course.
  7. Every exhibiting company can now send their news to the showís PR/Comm team who can publish it on their website. Not the most efficient method, but itís better than just taking the news, emailing it out, and not getting all the eyeballs under their brand.
  8. With all of the exhibitor news generally sent before the show starts, the show now has an unprecedented opportunity to use it to build buzz. They can email it, socialize it, print it, etc., all with content you didnít have to produce, but supports your exhibitors.
  9. During the show they now have a central resource that they can send to everyone, with all the exhibitor news that can be read by anyone, shared socially to expand itís reach, and then comment on to increase engagement.
  10. The best part of this is that the news never gets taken down, so a show that lasts a few days, now lives online 24/7/365. Hello SEO!
  11. Now the possibilities are endlessÖ An association that can support their memberís news before, during and after the show. It makes total sense.

As continues to delve into the event industry and work with our partners across different sectors, this big idea resonates with all of them. Social media can empower associations to share industry news; however, itís hard to produce consistent content that people care about. If they can harness their member news, and keep their industry informed of whatís going on, they can become a widely read publication and thought leader.

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