A nice play on words right? See what I did there?

Every show wants more engagement, but what exactly does that means? It means you must give your attendees, media and exhibitors something to engage with, in order to get a reaction out of them. According to the latest CEIR research, the top reasons people come to shows is to find out whatís new and learn Ė pretty simple and basic, however, not always that easy to convey. There are three digital tools at your disposal that can help make it easier ó Publishing, Aggregation and Curation (PAC)

Digital Publishing for Shows

While youíre probably thinking, shows arenít in the publishing business, think again ó they definitely are publishers. The show organizers themselves produce so much content from blog posts, to brochures, to announcing seminars through emails, and then their exhibitors are basically writers for them.

Many shows are run by member driven associations or organizations that need to engage, not only during the show, but also year round, and digital publishing allows them to do just that. You are the content you produce online. The more highly quality content that you can get out there, the better you can engage your community.

Usually, the biggest issue we see when it comes to content is that it is very spread out, and there isnít a central location to find it all online in a visual, searchable or social friendly format.

Aggregation of Content

There are a few different ways that you can aggregate content digitally - in the form of RSS feeds or through social media. Aggregating, while not generally original content, is a great way to take content from others and brand it as your own, which allows you to bring LOTS of content togetherin one place. There is content out there to take, and when shows truly engage with their community and industry, they windup with too much content, which is certainly a good problem.

Really Simple Syndication, better known as RSS Feeds, is a great way to pull content from other sites into yours. Think of it as a hose of content that you can direct anywhere. The same holds true for social media. Iím sure youíve seen numerous widgets that display content from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Content Curation

You canít curate something if it doesnít exist! Publishing and aggregation can be very powerful tools by themselves, but when combined and properly layered with curation, you can make headlines (another pun!). Curation is all about taking content and choosing what you want to display, based on what you think your readers will want to see. Instead of just firing the aggregation hose at them or throwing all your published stories together, you can pick and choose the best content, tailoring to specific communities to increase engagement. Newsletters are a very popular way to do this right now, but you can also tweet and post to Facebook selectively, as opposed to just pasting a generic link and letting people find things for themselves.

Content, content, content - itís all about content! It comes in various forms, from difference places and manifests itself in different ways. No matter how you slice and dice it, you need to make sure itís what people want to see and read.

There you have it - so now, using your new Super PAC power, go out and publish content people want to read, aggregate content from around the world, and curate what you think is best.