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5 Types of Digital Content You Can Publish for a Show


What is one of the top reasons people attend shows? To find out whatís new!

There is so much news, information and rich-media that exhibitors can publish digitally to send out to the attendees and media when you exhibit at a show. Standing at a booth is great but you need to do everything possible to get people to come over so they can learn more about you.

Here is a list that will help increase your visibility, ability to share information, track it, follow up and increase your effectiveness.  

1. News release - A formal document that is great to announce new products, announcement or hires. These should only be for the press and never seen by anyone else. 

2. Sell/spec sheet - If you have something to sell (product or service), this is a great document to send to prospective buyers after you get their information as a follow up. Make sure itís clear, outlines the benefits, functionality, has customer testimonials and images if possible. 

3. Brochures - These can be more elaborate than a sell sheet as itís a great follow to a perspective customer to browse through everything you have to offer. Try to stay away from the ďdigital brochuresĒ that try to emulate what a real one does with pages that flips etc.

4. Company overview - Probably the most important thing you can publish, as I canít tell you how many times Iíve had to lookup a company and canít easily find what they do. Keep it short so someone can understand what you do right away.

5. Thought leadership - If you are passionate about your industry (like I am), publish something interesting, thought provoking or insightful. Customers want to see that you are active, giving back, engaging and not just trying to sell them something. 

Bonus 6. Contact information - This needs to be on everything you publish otherwise this is all a waste if time. Your customer should never have to look for your email or phone number Ė donít add friction!

Make sure that you publish this online, on your website or through another publishing platform, so that it doesnít get stuck in email limbo, PDFs or docs that you canít search, SEO of easily socialize. Use or another URL shortening service so that you have clean and trackable URLs, this way you can see who clicked what, when they clicked it and what type of messaging was most effective.

Compliment your physical presence with a digital one and keep it up to date,

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