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3 Reasons You're Missing Out at Shows if Your News Isnít Digital


  Shows , expos and conferences are great ways to meet people face-to-face and get some real business done. In business though, you want to take advantage of every opportunity hopefully, especially those created by shows that you pay a lot to attend and exhibit at.

People will be looking for you online and if they canít find you, they will probably find your competitor who is going digital. Compliment your physical presence at a show with a digital one and have your social presence online sell and market for you while you canít.

1. Attendees and media canít find your news unless they meet you in person

If youíre exhibiting at a conference, you probably know months ahead of time and spend that time prepping for it. Well the attendees and media are doing the same thing and looking to see who will be there to see if itís worthwhile to attend. If youíre news isnít online, then they wonít know you will be there.

2. You canít tweet (share) the news!

Twitter is probably the most popular social media platform for shows as itís an easy way to spread the news! Almost every show tweets now, especially with a hashtag (#) that all the attendees, media and even exhibitors follow to see whatís going on at the show. You canít tweet a doc, PDF or email, so everyone else can get found besides you.

3. Your news wonít be in the mobile app

Shows generally have a native app that attendees and media download to find exhibitors that their interested in. Itís usually launched months before the show begins with a list of speakers, exhibitors and seminars. Make sure to publish your news, booth numbers and contact information in it.

4. BONUS Ė The show can support you!

They want your content so they can share it through social media, print and newsletters. This is a great way to share all your news, rich-media and information.

I want to dispel the notion that you have to be a ďsocial media guruĒ to make your news digital. All you need is a website, twitter and an email account so that you can spread your news out across the internet and take advantage of every opportunity to be found. If you are paying to exhibit at a show and expect people to just walk by your booth and be interested, thatís great but if you want to help increase traffic and interest, make sure your news is online.

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