September/October 2014

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Edited by Gordon Nary

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headshot of Dr. Bettis-Outland   CRM Integration
by Harriette Bettis Outland, PhD


  Exhibiting in Germany:  What You Need to Know
by Ryan Klemm


11 Quick Tips for International Exhibiting
by Michael Thimmesch


  Building Brand Awareness Through Tradeshows
by Susan Friedmann, CSP


Trade Show Exhibit Pack-up Dismantle Hours vs Driver Check-in vs
Clean Floor Policy: How exhibit pack-up and dismantle scheduling are affected

by Brett Lipeless




Trade Show Display Design: The Principle of Repetition
by Sarmistha Tarafder


  Top Five Trade Show Planning Pitfalls
by Gwen Parsons

   Is Your Booth Staff Ready for an Attitude Adjustment?
by Barry Siskind

  5 Reasons Going Digital Can Help You Be More Green at Your Next Show
by Trace Cohen

  How to Design Great Trade Show Display Graphics
by Michael Flavin

  Finding the Right Mentor
by Shawn Mintz



  The More Things Change
by Rod Abraham



  Meet our Thoughtleaders: An Interview with Trace Cohen
by Gordon Nary



John Zeltin

An Interview with John Zeltin. CME, CMP and Rod Abraham
on their New Partnership

by Gordon Nary



Trade Show Marketing: An Interview with Susan Friedmann on Pulse TV

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