November/December 2013

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Edited by Gordon Nary

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  To Exhibit, Not to Exhibit or Do Something Totally Different: Becoming a Smart Exhibitor
by Marc Goldberg, CME

   A Unique Group of Exhibitors Government and Not-for-Profit
by Barry Siskind

  Import Duties & Taxes for International Trade Shows: How to Avoid These Hidden Costs
by Leslie Levy August

Brett Lipeles   Ten Key Areas to Seek Largest Trade Show Cost Deductions
by Brett Lipeless

  Determining Your Exhibit and Trade Show Budget. What's the Real Cost?
by Mel White

  The Five Most Common Mistakes in Soliciting Sponsors
by John Zeltin

  The Value of Competitors at Shows
by E. Jane Lorimer

  How to Stop Trade Show Zombies and Bring Them Back to Life
by Michael Thimmesch

  Media Management for Trade Show Exhibitors
by Tom Mitchell

  Tradeshow Staff Tips: Benefiting From A Regular Exhibiting Workout
by Susan Friedmann, CSP

  Boosting Trade Show Success
by Bill. Corbett, Jr.

  Measurement - the Hottest Topic in Exhibiting Today
by Mim Goldberg

  Top Five Questions for Your International RFP: What are the five most important questions
you should include in any international trade show or event Request for Proposal?

by Jeff Hannah



    Meet our Thoughtleaders; An Interview with John Zeltin. CME. CMP
by Gordon Nary

    Booking Talent for Your Next Event
An Interview with Joshua Gair by Gordon Nary and Samantha Adler



Barry Siskind: Managing Expectations while Managing an Exhibit

Bill Corbett's Jr.: Trade Show PR Tips

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