May/June 2014

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  Trade Show Marketing for Lawyers
by Greg Siskind

  Customer Feedback: Using Surveys at Trade Shows
by Mel W

   Exhibit Managers Must Have These Qualities to Be Successful
by Barry Siskind



  Exhibiting Back to Back in London and Paris: A Case Study
by John Zeltin, CME , CMP


  What your Exhibit Designer Needs from You
by Gwen Parsons

  The Foolproof Way to Measure Your Trade Show ROI
by Michael Thimmesch

  Are You Scaring the Living Daylights Out of Your Prospects?
by Susan Friedmann, CSP|



  Marketing by Design: Art of Enticement
by Sarmistha Tarafder

  10 Tips on How to be the Best Exhibitor at a Tradeshow for Attendees and Media
by Trace Cohen

  Why You Should Embrace Measurement as a Partner Not an Enemy
by Marc Goldberg, CME

  Steps to Become a Successful and Powerful LinkedIn User
by Bill Corbett Jr.

UPCOMING THOUGHTLEADER LIVE PRESENTATIONS   Barry Siskind will be conducting a workshop on “Attracting A New Generation of Attendees to
your Next Exhibition
s on June 4, 2014 at the
6th International Summer University for Trade Fair Management
in Cologne, Germany




    Meet our Thoughtleaders: An Interview with Jeff Tanner. PhD on his Book,
nalytics and Dynamic Customer Strategy, Big Profits from Big Data

by John Zeltin. CME. CMP



Jeff Tanner: Don't let social media create unsustainable service levels

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