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Survival Kit to make it through 2013

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When you look at your calendar for 2013 are you already feeling a bit overwhelmed. Well, here are some tools to use that you can consider your survival kit. What do items like toothpicks, rubber bands, band aids, erasers, bubble gum, pencils and teabags all have in common. They can help you get through 2013 in a better fashion. 

  1. Be a toothpick. What in the world does this have to do with me? It is a reminder to pick and think of the good qualities in everyone including yourself. Too often we focus on the negatives- what is wrong, what has not been accomplished when work delegated or when time has run out. But in the end, it is all abut the good qualifies that will encourage team work and achieving the goals set forth so be a toothpick.
  2. Be a rubber band. Be flexible, be elastic, and remember that we do not all approach problems or goals in the same fashion, but if in the end, it all works out, then it does not matter.
  3. Be a band-aid. Consider how to mend hurt feelings when you were a bit sharp or critical. Hurt feelings can destroy a working relationship and create distractions and achieving the work that needs to be done.
  4. Be an eraser. This means that everyone makes mistakes at some point but its ok. Mistakes enable us all to learn and grow. Once noted, it is time to move forward not dwell on what went wrong.
  5. Be more like bubble gum.  When the task is not exciting, interesting or appears too challenging so that we procrastinate, stick with it like gum, just considering one step at a time.
  6. Be a pencil by listing what you need to do daily on a to do list with the highest priority first.
  7. Be a teabag so that you remember to take time daily for yourself and to just relax. If you do not, life will pass you by with too many unachieved goals and missed opportunities.

2013 by Mim Goldberg