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Measurement - The Hottest Topic in Exhibiting today

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The challenges of a changing economy has brought more pressures to bear regarding exhibitors measuring their return on objectives or return on investment. When the
economy was flying high, there was often not as much thought regarding results, but with the changes that have occurred within the last several years,  more companies
are scrutinizing marketing budgets and more specifically trade show budgets. Few exhibit managers are able to clearly define their results or return on dollars spent.
Measuring  performance today allows you
to yield greater results tomorrow. 

ROI has become a hot button, but what most exhibit managers are coming to realize is that they cannot measure "return on investment" due to the fact that sales are often
very protracted- and sales are the key component to measuring ROI.  

But exhibit managers can measure their ROO - return on investment for trade shows as well as events - User Group Meetings, Hospitalities, Open Houses and Road Shows. 
This can take the form of cost per lead, cost per demo, cost per impression, as well as a number of others.

These are a few questions you might ask yourself.

What are some things that can begin the process of measuring your shows and meetings?

  • Consider a planning meeting where you match your exhibiting objectives with the metrics that will provide your with insight into your results
  • Outsource a show audit of your exhibit and staff from a company that has no vested interest in the outcome, other than helping you experience improved results.
    From an apolitical viewpoint, you will receive an unbiased view of how well your exhibit and staff are working for you and how you can make improvements that will
    yield improved results the next time out
  • Beware of exhibit houses who say they can conduct measurement. They have a highly vested interest in outcomes as they created and built your exhibit. Will they tell you
    honestly that something is truly not working as anticipated? 
  • Surveys are another option available to help you determine audience perception, brand awareness, exhibit recall, message retention, and behavior changes. Your
    options include preshow, at show in the form of exit interviews or post show surveys, not just of your show participation but also of a demo suite or private hospitality even

Being able to show concrete results will allow exhibit managers to maintain their exhibit budgets and show upper management that trade shows are a vital and productive part of
the marketing mix.          

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