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John F. Kennedy

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I graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering and began working for DuPont in a New Business Initiative called Somos, the name of a chemical used in 3D Rapid Prototyping. Shortly after joining, the Somos business was acquired by a large European chemical company called DSM. As a Sales Engineer at Somos, I went to numerous events where I observed how conference education was managed and delivered. While working on my MBA at the University of Maryland, my husband, Peter Wyatt, and I launched CadmiumCD. CadmiumCD's first clients included events that I exhibited at while at Somos, and they remain customers today, fourteen years later. 

As a founding partner at CadmiumCD, I am responsible for the sales, marketing, accounting and HR functions at the company. I work with and talk to over 100 meeting planners a year about the goals and challenges in managing and distributing content for their meetings. 

I am also the mother of two boys and actively involved in Boy Scouts.