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How Do You Determine Your Unique Selling Proposition
for Trade Shows?


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I’m often asked about the best way to determine your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for a trade show booth. Simply put, how do you quickly grab someone’s attention and show them how you’re different than the other guy?

Wikipedia has quite the in-depth definition. But I prefer to summarize it in layman’s terms:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • How can you help someone (better than everyone else)?

Write down the answers to these 3 questions and you’ve now started to determine your unique selling proposition.

To successfully convey your USP at a trade show, you’ll need to focus on a few steps:

  1. Design your trade show graphics to answer the 3 questions listed above.
  2. Create a pre-show marketing campaign to pique interest and give prospects a reason to stop by and hear about your USP (a drip-marketing campaign before the show).
  3. Train booth staffers to ask the right questions and provide information that conveys your USP.
  4. Tie together at-show and post-show campaigns to expand upon your USP message.
  5. Give booth staffers a “go or no-go” option when engaging with prospects — Is this someone we want to meet with soon? If so, scan the badge and agree upon a next step (such as a phone call next Monday to schedule a meeting). If not, should we scan the badge and add to our B or C lead list (they might need more nurturing).

So, determining your USP for a trade show doesn’t have to be a scary and arduous task. With time, focus, and input from your team, you can easily develop a strong USP!


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