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Using Technology to Enhance Your Trade Show Booth

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Technology is continually advancing, and that means that itís easier than ever for companies to incorporate it into their trade show booths. If youíve never thought about how camera phones, tablets, event management software, or video monitors can impact your business, keep reading.

Use Tablets or Smart Phones to Gather Leads at Your Booth

Years ago, trade show booths included very simple ways to capture leads ó a pen and a piece of paper. However, when youíre relying on a customerís handwriting, sometimes deciphering can be very difficult. Without legible information you donít have a lead! Tablets and smart phones with cameras have changed all of this. Capturing a customerís contact information is as easy as snapping a picture of their business card.

Smart phones and tablets arenít the only ways to capture leads electronically at your trade show booths. Purchase a business card scanner, which will enable your staff to scan a business card quickly. These scanners will automatically add contact information to your emailís contact list, cutting down on administrative man-hours.

Use Event Management Planning Software to Organize Your Trade Show Booths

Another way to incorporate more technology for a smoother show is to use event management software to keep everything organized. Look for one that will automatically send an email to your sales staff back in the office when a new sales lead is captured. Imagine how impressed your potential customers will be if you can follow up with relevant information before theyíve even returned from the show. Additionally, some event management software will automatically send out an email blast to attendees immediately following the trade show, which can help your company increase its return on investment.

Use Video Monitors to Personalize Your Message at Your Booth

Lastly, make sure that your company is taking advantage of video monitors or TVs. If your exhibit is well-attended (and you hope it is!), your attendees may have to wait a few minutes to talk to you. If you have video monitors strategically placed around your custom display, your attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about your business as they wait. For best results, make sure that your video messages are professionally produced ó this could be the first impression someone gets of your company, so you donít want it to look like it was done as a quick fix.

Technology is a great asset to any booth, but make sure you understand how to use it before you implement it.

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