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How To Increase The ROI At Trade Show Exhibits

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Many companies have been turning away from trade shows during the recession because they feel that they can no longer get the results that they used to. However, this does not have to be the case. It is still possible to get good trade show results and a satisfactory ROI. Exhibiting can be an expensive initial investment, but it can turn out to be profitable in the long run if you know what you are doing. ¬ Use Pre-Owned Booths And Equipment

To have a positive ROI, the end profit must be more than the initial investment. This can be accomplished in two different ways: either the sales need to amount to a higher figure than the capital invested, or the initial capital investment needs to be lower in the first place. One big area to cut down on an initial cost is in the area of booths. These are often one of the most costly expenses involved in trade show marketing, and now is a better time than ever to take advantage of used displays and booths.

The recession has indeed forced many companies out of exhibiting at these events. Consequently, there are tons of unused displays just waiting to be used. Companies can get great deals on these stands for a fraction of the original price. The low initial investment means that your trade show ROI will ultimately increase.

Consider Renting

Along the same lines, it sometimes makes more financial sense to rent booth equipment, especially if you only plan on attending a couple of exhibits. Instead of having to pay for your own display up front, find a rental company. This is a particularly good idea for those who are new to the world of trade exhibits.

Choose Wisely And Act Early

There are many different trade events to choose from. Exhibitors should take lots of time to decide on the best shows to attend and participate in. Find out who the most profitable leads will be and what shows they go to. This will significantly help your trade show results and increase your profits.

Also, it pays to do things ahead of time. If certain paperwork and orders are completed well in advance of the deadline, you may be able to score discounts. You may also be able to order lots of things at once, for the entire show season, to get bulk discounts and boost your trade show ROI.

Make Giveaway Selections With Care

So often, giveaways from these events end up going unused or even become trashed. Don\ít let that happen to your giveaways. Tote bags are an inexpensive and useful giveaway that also serve as a marketing tool throughout the whole show. ROI will ultimately increase because more and more people will become familiar with your company.

Also consider giveaways that are smaller and useful. People always need to use post-it notes or notepads, for instance. Your company will get better trade show results by constantly reminding attendees of your brand long after the show, and they don\ít require a huge investment.

With pre-owned booths, renting equipment, doing research on shows and giveaways, and taking advantage of early discounts, companies will enjoy an increased trade show ROI.

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