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Can You Mix Facebook with Trade Shows?

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Facebook is a great tool for use as it pertains to your business and exhibit display at trade shows. Everyone goes on Facebook (1.1 billion users as of May, 2013) and a lot of people spend significant time on the site (Nielsen Media found the average user spending 7 hours on Facebook per month). So, if you’re looking for a big audience online, Facebook is the #1 place to find attendees before trade shows. When implementing Facebook as a part of your trade show display marketing strategy, divide your goals into 3 categories – pre-show, at-show and post-show.

Does the trade show, which you’re exhibiting at, have its own page? When you find it, engage with the fans of the page because they obviously have the same interests in your industry as you. Everyone on the page either falls into 1 of 2 categories, buyers or sellers – check out both your prospective customers, as well as your competitors. Facebook is a great tool for tracking and accumulating data about potential customers or prospects. Look out those who “liked” your page or posted comments. Then you will begin to key into how market to them before, during & after the show, and exactly which type of marketing strategy to use. If the trade show page doesn’t exist, why not offer to create one for them? I’m sure this would be a very endearing gesture!

Post relevant updates on the show’s page & your company’s page with track-able links that support your pre-show marketing campaign to drive interest. This is very important because the more effort you put into pre-production, the better the movie will be. I know, movie talk works for any industry, but seriously, people love behind the scenes footage (information). It makes them feel more of a connection to the process, brand, and product, which will compel them more so to buy at the show or after. It all helps with brand recognition and Facebook is the perfect medium to play on basic human emotion.

Take pictures at the show and display, lots of them. The pictures should be of your booth and the trade show activities. You can even have someone video record the day’s happenings. Throughout the event you can post them to Facebook or Instagram. These photos and videos will provide great continued marketing on your company’s Facebook page and regular website after the show ends.

Once the show ends, continue the conversation and support your post-show marketing campaign on Facebook. Activity is key to driving sales and holding people’s attention in order to keep them engaged. All content that you continue to post should continue to support the sales process and rive leads. Facebook is a fantastic communal way to accomplish these goals!

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