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Creating Effective Trade Show Booths


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Too many companies are under the impression that flashy trade show displays sell product.  While this can be true depending on the industry youíre in, itís usually a better idea to keep it simple. Keeping your trade show exhibitsí designs simple can actually help highlight your product, your service and your people.  Simple doesnít have to be boring though, so talk to a company that creates professionally designed trade show booths to get ideas on a great design.

Trade Show Booths Donít Need To Be Flashy: Let Your Employees Shine

Flashy trade show exhibits certainly attract interest, but thatís not the only way to get attention.  Instead of loud music and flashing strobe lights, let your employees generate interest.  If you have professional employees working your display, theyíll bring in the customers all on their own.  Make sure the employees working your booth are knowledgeable about your products, your companyís history, what makes you different from your competition and what kinds of things your customers are looking for.

Thereís no reason that you canít take advantage of lighting and music to enhance your display.  Just take care to keep the volume at a reasonable level and use lighting to highlight portions of your display. Avoid flashing lights because some people are sensitive to them and they could cause headaches or worse.

Trade Show Exhibits Should Be Uncluttered

Creating an uncluttered, clean looking display design should be the ultimate goal.  You want your booth to be inviting and open.  Take care to have your I&D staff place supplemental display pieces like banner stands and literature racks out of the main walkways and angle the exhibit so that each section is easily accessible.  After all, customers wonít visit your display if itís inconvenient.

Keep Your Exhibit Organized

Chances are good that youíve packed a lot of extra promotional materials.  Things like lead cards, business cards, customer brochures and additional materials are necessary parts of any event.  The problem is that no one knows exactly how many of these materials youíll need. You may go through thousands at one exhibition and then struggle to give away a hundred at another.  Because of this, itís always a good idea to over pack.  The cost of shipping extra materials to and from an event is well worth it.  If you find yourself without materials for your customers, it can give them a very negative opinion of your disorganized business.

This is where your I&D staff is a big help.  The I&D staff often have two storage sections, one for your display cases that canít be accessed throughout the event and another called Ďaccessible storage.í Accessible storage is just what it sounds like ó itís a storage area where the I&D staff will stash things that exhibitors need access to during the event. If youíre not sure where this is, ask the I&D staff that assembled your booth.  Your business will likely have its own dedicated space.

Creating effective trade show booths shouldnít be a hassle.  Think about the type of message you want to convey and work with a company that designs functional displays.  Youíll end up with a professional design thatís sure to attract attention.

© 2014 by Michael FlavIn