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Disposing of a Display=Why is the Cost so High?

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Ever wonder why it costs "so much" to dump an old booth? For those of you who are considering disposing of an older display, hereís information about what the cost
covers and the typical process youíll use.

Booth disposal is an alternative to selling non-wanted display properties. Disposal costs are high in the USA because companies who "dump" displays are required by
law to dispose at an Environmental Protection Agency/EPA approved dumping site. Why? Because there are glues and other toxins in most booth construction that require
special permits to dump. In fact, if an exhibit house were to dump at a non-approved area, the government could impose fines on the company executing the disposal as well
 as the clientís company.

Costs are also driven by:

Legalities to Consider


1. Client company advises their exhibit house they want to dispose a display. Most exhibit houses prefer to have this request in writing
    and signed by an authorized agent of the client company.

2. Exhibit house submits a quote to the client for approval.

3. Exhibit house pulls the exhibit/cases and transports to the dumping grounds.

4. Exhibit house obtains a receipt from the dumping grounds and, in some cases, certification that the disposal was made under
   environmental guidelines.

5. Exhibit house submits a copy of the disposal certification to the client.

6. Adjustments to future client storage bills are made.

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