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5 Ways to Maximize Video in your Trade Show Display

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Trade shows are all about WOWing your customers. You want your display to stand out from the rest, whether itís dynamic graphics, a stunning design, interactive elements or an amazing give-away. One way to attract attendees is with an engaging branded video. Here are FIVE tips to achieve the most out of your trade-show video.    

1.   Utilize Graphics
    Trade show floors are notoriously noisy. With a cacophony of sounds, your target market might not be able to hear an oral message. When you are talking to prospective clients, you typically have to stand close, talk loudly and emphasize your words with movements, such as indicating a product within your display. If your video is ďtalk-heavyĒ, your message may be missed. Make sure the graphics in your video tell your message, even if your volume is turned completely off. This is not to say there should be no audio, you just should not rely on that audio to get your message to its intended audience. Additionally, your graphics should remain on the screen long enough for passers-by to read them, but not too long, or they will get bored and move on before getting your complete message.
2.   Donít Try to Say Too Much.
    This rule is for all video marketing, but is extremely important at trade-shows. At most trade shows, visitors may spend only one to two minutes at your booth, sometimes even less. You need to get your message across as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you are incorporating too many messages into your video, each individual message may get lost amongst the distraction of all the other messages. Choose your most important selling point and promote that in a video that lasts no more than two minutes. Ninety-seconds is an ideal length for a trade show video to optimize the number of attendees that see the majority of your message.
3   Choose Exciting but not Distracting Music.
    I said earlier that you should not rely on the audio of your video to get your message to your prospective customers. However, you do still need audio. Sound engages the viewer and reaches additional levels of the brain, providing additional means for your customer to remember you. Sound also drives emotion, which is yet another way to engage your customer. Choosing the right music at a trade show is extremely important. You donít want something overpowering to compete with all of the other sounds of the show, but you also donít want something too contradictory to the vibe of the show, unless, of course, that is what makes you stand out. You want music that will excite your customers, but not distract them from your message.  Keep the music at a volume that can be heard in your booth and perhaps right outside your booth, but be considerate of neighboring booths that are also utilizing audio methods.
4.   Make Sure your Brand Shows Through.
    The biggest mistake do-it-yourself videographers make is not accurately incorporating their brand. One of the first things we do when working with a client on a video for their trade show booth is ask what the rest of the booth will be like. Your video is just one element in a myriad of marketing materials that will contribute to the customer experience. You need to make sure that the same brand message that comes through in your display, your uniforms, your hand-outs and your signage comes through in your video.  And this does not just mean the message Ė the font, logos, colors, etc. should all agree across every element of your trade show display.  It should all work together to be one cohesive piece.
5    Know Who your Competition Is and What They Are Doing.
    Before you tackle video at your next trade show, take a look at what your competition and complimentary businesses are doing. Walk a few trade-show floors and see what you like and donít like. Get a feel for what works and what is over complicated or doesnít contain enough information.  A detailed list like this will help you produce a top-notch video that brings you the best return on your investment possible.

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