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Sinister Six” Body Language Habits:
How Many Do Your Tradeshow Staffers Have?

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How many of your booth staffers realize that the most important message they send is communicated without a single word being spoken? Body language is a critically important element of communication. The way we hold ourselves, from posture to hand position and our proximity to our peers can determine how successful we’ll be as exhibitors.
Here’s a quick checklist. How many of the following “Sinister Six” body language habits do your staffers have?

1. Crossed arms of doom:

Arms rigidly locked over the chest, a clear non-verbal cue that the arms’ owner doesn’t want to do any talking!:"

2. Look at my shoes!

Attention fixed on the carpet makes it easy to avoid meeting attendee’s eyes.

3. Jiggle, jiggle, jingle:

We’re not sure what’s so interesting in your pockets — but we really hope it’s change! A signal of anxiety, nervousness, and poor stress management — not likely to inspire confidence in a prospect!

4. I hope this table’s really strong:

If you’re so tired that the table has to hold you up, you’re clearly too exhausted to talk to attendees. Don’t lean on the furniture!

5. Dance fever:

Hopping from foot to foot, shuffling nervously, this little anxiety inspired jig makes us want to give you directions to the restroom — not our business.

6. The classic fig leaf:

It’s okay — you’re wearing pants. You don’t need to ‘cover yourself’ from prying eyes!

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