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Sarmistha Tarafder's Notable Projects

In'Spire - Promoted Design and Strategy

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We were inspired by Sarmistha Tarafder's IN'SPIRE  marketing project.  The word Inspire has several definition. Here are a few of them.
a :  to influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural inspiration .
 :  to exert an animating, enlivening, or exalting influence on <was particularly inspired by the Romanticists.
 :  to spur on :  impel, motivate <threats don't necessarily inspire people to work .
 :  affect <seeing the old room again inspired him with nostalgia 

In my opinion, all four definitions apply to this project. The use of moving product images should inspire all exhibit design companies to create other innovative models to demonstrate the excellence of their products and services.

Gordon Nary, Editor
Tradeshow and Exhibit Thoughtleaders Newsjournal and Library