Jordan Stocker     Tradeshow and Exhibit Thoughtleaders
"The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge
and the dissemination of truth."

John F. Kennedy

Meet our Thoughtleaders: An Interview with Jordan Stocker 
by Gordon Nary

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Gordon:   Where did you attend college and what studies did you pursue? 

Jordan:     I attended the University of Wisconsin Parkside where I studied Management Information Systems & Marketing. 

Gordon:   Did you participate in any sports at The University of Wisconsin?

Jordan:     I chose to sacrifice sports to work fulltime through college and graduate debt free. I played soccer, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball in rec leagues.  

Gordon:  When were you first interested in digital technology and how did you master the various technologies?

Jordan:    I became interested in digital technology when I studied MIS at my tech-specialized high school. Once I discovered my passion for marketing in college, the two were a very comfortable fit.

Gordon:  What are some of the greatest challenges of and risks to digital technology in the tradeshow industry?

Jordan:    I would say the greatest challenge is finding ways to perfect the timing of our messaging. When a company is ready to begin their search for an exhibit house, they typically spend a very short amount of time collecting potential vendors, and then submit an RFP to the few chosen exhibit houses. My challenge is to get our name in front of their eyes during that crucial time period, and stay connected through retargeting and marketing automation. We continue to identify better systems to find that window, and as a result have seen our business dramatically increase.

Gordon:   Based on your experience, is there a natural talent for marketing in some people or can anyone master the marketing skills necessary to be a success in business?

Jordan:     Marketing seems like the fun, easy field from the outside in. It do thoroughly enjoy my field, but in most marketing roles, you are required to apply a dual-brained approach to your work in a way that your message moves prospects with creativity and innovation, but also efficiently communicates your business proposition. Being able to think with both sides of you brain simultaneously is not an easy task, and would lend itself to someone who tends this way already.

A marketer must also be extremely self-confident and entrepreneurial. In many roles, a lack in top of the funnel traffic falls directly on your shoulders. You must be able to handle that pressure and consistently communicate your reasoning for your decisions, and have the metrics to support them. You can constantly feel like you are defending your decision making, and rightly so, because you need to be on the forefront of new ideas to bring in business, even if those ideas are not fully understood by others on the team.

Gordon:  What are some of primary digital marketing challenges that may have the greatest impact on the trade show industry within the next five years? 

Jordan:    Real time engagement. I think we will see more exhibits creating share-worthy experiences, and creating a very short process for attendees to share that experience with their network. The idea of social selling is only growing in popularity, so the value of attendee shared experiences is incredible for brands.

 We are seeing this already with initiatives like the Instagram booths, but I anticipate seeing significant growth in this area in the next few years.

Gordon: What initially attracted you to a career at Catalyst Exhibits?

Jordan:  The first thing that interested me in Catalyst was the product. Marketing a marketing company intrigued me, and having a great product like that allows you to do more from a content standpoint. The culture here is also pretty fantastic. We work in a gorgeous building, and the team does a great job at balancing a professional atmosphere with a down to earth culture. The place is beaming with success, and it’s an exciting place to work.

Gordon: What are your primary responsibilities as Digital Marketing Manager at Catalyst Exhibits?

Jordan:    I manage all of our inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Everything from email blasts, direct mail campaigns, paid search, and sales collateral to copy writing, design, web development, and PR management.

Gordon:  You also moonlight as a DJ and have a talent for musical composition. Please list three of your favorite  musical  artists,

Jordan:   Yes, I DJ professionally on the side, and my 3 favorite artists are currently Diplo, San Holo, and Kill The Noise.

 Gordon:  If someone asked you if they should consider a career at Catalyst Exhibits. what are three primary reasons that you would give them?

 Jordan;   Management really cares and invests in you – Everyone wants to be on the winning team – You’ll have a ton of fun.