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Are You Addressing the 8 Core Elements of Exhibit Design?


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Hold Up!

It can be tempting to jump right into visualizing your new dream exhibit. Maybe youíre experienced in the trade show industry, youíve seen things you like and things you donít like, and youíre ready to compile your favorite elements into the most amazing exhibit the world has ever seen.

Exhibitors often come to us with a design in hand, looking for someone to make their dream a reality for the lowest cost possible. While we understand that you know your brand better than anyone; we know trade shows, and when exhibitors partner with an exhibit house we can bring both areas of expertise together to design a beautifully effective space.

Most people donít realize how much strategy goes into booth design. Exhibits are built to serve a purpose, and the design of those spaces is very strategically created to best accomplish your goals at a show. Here are 8 core elements to design that all contribute to the way your exhibit is received, and in turn, how effective it is.