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Meet our Thoughtleaders: An Interview with
John Zeltin. CME, CMP by Gordon Nary

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Gordon:  John, I have had the opportunity of working with and learning from you on a variety of projects for several years when you were with American Express. 
How many years were you at American Express

John: Close to 24 years. It was a great run with a great company and I can look back at all the wonderful associations, experiences and how I was able to develop
my role into a valuable global resource for the company.

Gordon: What were your primary responsibilities at American Express ?

John: Over the years my role evolved. Initially I organized incentive programs and major internal conferences for the company. Later on my job became more strategic.
I focused on developing the trade show, sponsorship and event programs into business development tools, working on a global basis. I also developed strategic alliances
with major trade organizations and then managed those relationships

Gordon: On the average, how many events did you help manage per year?

John: It varied but as many as 20-25 trade shows, sponsorships and events, annually. During that time, I managed events all over the US and globally including such
locations as Paris, London and Hong Kong.

Gordon: What did you enjoy most about your position?

John: I enjoyed working with the terrific people at Amex all across the globe and collaborating on many very major and successful events. We moved the needle on turning
the event marketing function into a potent competitive weapon for the company.

Gordon: What role did sponsorships play in your event marketing program?

John: They were an important part of our overall event marketing strategy. We used them to raise our visibility in the market place, to support product launches, to generate
pools of prospects for new business and finally to forge relationships with industry organizations important to our business.

Gordon: After 24 years with American Express, why did you decide to set up the Zeltin Consulting Group?

John: I had been thinking about this for a long time. The independence, the opportunity to build something from scratch and use my event marketing expertise and experience
to help organizations become more successful were all very appealing.

Gordon:  What are the primary services that you provide your clients?

John: We provide strategic guidance for companies and non-profits on Event Marketing, Trade Shows and Sponsorships. The overall goal is to help organizations maximize the
value of these tools to achieve business results. Our services extend to organizations that either don't have the internal resources available or just want a fresh look at their

Gordon: John. Thank you for providing our subscribers with just a few of the reasons why you were invited to be a Tradeshow and Event Thoughtleader and that many of our
subscribers may want to replicate the success that your effected  at American Express by accessing your  services. We look forward to your upcoming articles scheduled for future
issues of our journal.