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Glenn Hansen, CSR-P, ACSAP

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Glenn J. Hansen, CSR-P, ACSAP, joined BPA Worldwide in 1980 and became President and Chief Executive Officer of the global assurance provider in 1999.


Glenn has been instrumental in expanding BPA’s media membership globally. Under his leadership, BPA pioneered independent circulation auditing in China beginning in 1996 and has expanded its presence in greater Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.


Glenn and his team have worked extensively with governmental and media industry organizations around the globe to help establish and uphold world-class media-auditing standards.


He is past Chairman of the International Committee of the American Business Media (ABM), served 8 years on the Executive Board of the International Federation of Audit Bureaus of Circulation (IFABC), is past President, current Treasurer of the Asia Pacific ABC regional group of the IFABC and is chair of the IFABC Digital Publication Committee tasked with establishing global standards.


Glenn is a certified “Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability Practitioner” under the IEMA. Glenn takes the lead in implementing and reporting on BPA’s CSR plan. He is a licensed assurance provider by AccountAbility, which enables verification that companies follow AA1000APS. Glenn is a member of UFI’s sustainability committee.


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