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Glenn Hansen addresses sustainability strategies for Mexico’s
event industry at annual AMPROFEC Conference

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Shelton, CT September 30, 2015 – While a sustainability strategy may present challenges for Mexico’s event industry, there are also opportunities to be found, according to Glenn Hansen, BPA Worldwide President and CEO during a recent presentation at the AMPROFEC 2015 Conference in San Luis, Potosi, Mexico. AMPROFEC, the Mexican Association of Fairs, Exhibitions and Conventions, has served the Latin American events industry for 25 years.

 “While it is certainly not an easy path to take, sustainability is about creating long-term value for your organization,” Hansen explained to the attendees. “That long-term value is created by embedding sustainability into management and strategic decision-making process. Adhering to globally recognized industry standards can further improve an organization’s sustainability performance.”

Hansen said the benefits of a sustainability strategy based on international standards and guidelines include reduced costs in the form of efficiency, waste reduction, productivity gains, risk mitigation and higher employee retention. Organizations can grow their business through enhanced reputation; the ability to differentiate their offers; and more easily responding to customer requests and requirements.

For those event venues, organizers and service providers that have not yet undertaken a sustainability initiative, Hansen said, there are three sets of event sustainability standards available to them. The APEX/ASTM Green Meeting Standards provide a prescriptive checklist for nine separate sectors within the events supply chain with specific requirements for each. The ISO 20121 Event Management System is a management-based standard that focuses on organizations’ economic, environmental and social processes. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is based on an organizations sustainability reporting efforts.

“Regardless of the standards that are adopted, getting certified by a third-party is an important step that can bring a number of benefits to those in Mexico’s events industry,” Hansen said. “Adhering to and reporting based on global standards improves overall organizational performance; adoption of standards will help the Mexican exhibition industry meet a sustainability commitment; and independent certification of standards assures the industry’s claims are credible.

“Mexico’s events industry must decide its sustainability commitment,” Hansen concluded. “Adopting a sustainability strategy based on international standards will help grow your business, as well as add to the reputation of AMPROFEC.”

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