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Dan Loomis is a Product Director at Omnipress with 25 years' experience serving associations. He has worked in many different capacities over the years, including print operations, product development, management, and sales/marketing.

To suggest that Dan has witnessed a few changes over his tenure is an understatement. He has witnessed first-hand the challenges that associations have faced for the past 20+ years. The inability to adapt to new technology, manage costs, and attract the younger generation have left some associations feeling that the world is spinning out of control.

In some aspects, associations are still searching for the 'Silver Bullet' solution that will keep them relevant to the younger generation, helping them build a stable membership base. It's true: millennials are different from the previous generation, and the generation after that will be a big change from the one that precedes it. New thoughts, ideas, and technologies will continue to challenge what constitutes value to association members.

Dan enjoys helping associations with their long-term content distribution strategy by breaking down technology talk into common-sense conversations. By helping organizations avoid chasing the next hottest trend, Dan helps them keep the focus on content and those who consume their content. This leads to less chaos, better cost management, and increased relevancy for associations.