Topics of Curriculum Articles for Which We Are Seeking Authors


Last Update:  February 02, 2016
Marketing Relationship Marketing
  Internal/External Marketing Messages
Event Planning Site Selection
  The Exhibitor Service Manual and Deciphering the Floor Plan  
  What’s in Your Toolkit?
  Outsourcing as an Option
  Nurturing a Relationship with Show Organizers
  Panel Presentations and Roundtable Discussions
Exhibit Design & Production Vendors
  Structure, Lifecycle, Accruals and Asset Depreciation
Travel &  Accommodations Hotel Negotiations
  Case Study: Hotel Negotiations
  International Events
Branding Case Study: Corporate Branding
  Case Study; Product Branding
Budgeting Elements of a Budget
  Decoding Budgets
  Sample Event Bridget
Contracts Contract Terminology
  Elements of a Contract
  Oral Agreements
Communications Internal/External Corporate Communications
  How to Write a News Release
International Exhibiting Exhibiting In Mexico
  Exhibiting In Argentina
  Exhibiting In South Africa
  Exhibiting in Sweden
  Exhibiting in Norway
  Exhibiting in Denmark
  Exhibiting in Holland
  Exhibiting in the United Arab Emirates
  Exhibiting in the United Kingdom
  Exhibiting in Italy
  Exhibiting in France
  Exhibiting in Spain
  Exhibiting in Poland
  Exhibiting in Hungary
  Exhibiting in China
  Exhibiting in Japan
  Exhibiting in India
  Exhibiting in Korea
Personal Development Presentation Skills (oral/written)
  Time Management
  Conflict Resolution a
  Sales Training

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